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Founder/President  Martin Rooney  

Vice President - Dr Brian Conway

Co Chair Susan Crape


This campaign/event was founded in 2008 by Martin Rooney as a part of the campaign to remove the US HIV Travel Ban.  Proceeds have surpassed $60000 since its inception and have benefitted two worthy organizations – Surrey HIV/AIDS Food Bank, operated by Lookout Emergency AID Society  and AIDS Tijuana (Truax House), a clinic in Tijuana Mexico operated through funds raised through the International Court System & the Imperial Court de San Diego, California.

Each year the momentum of this event continues to grow with sponsors, participants as well as much needed funds. 
2016 the Red Ribbons 4 Life Foundation was established  - its founding principals are
1. To focus on food security for HIV and HVC positive individuals
2. To educate and fundraise to support direct services for those on low income and/or other disability living with with HIV/HVC
3. To host the annual Red Ribbons 4 Life event that will generate funding to be distributed to direct services that focus on food security for those on low income and/or disability in the HIV/HVC community on the Lower Mainland

Last year (2017)we raised $16,500 that goes directly to enure high protein, high carb food items are continuously on the shelves of the Djaeff Mahler Foodbank, in Surrey BC.
Since it's inception over $86,000 has been donated to AIDS services that focus on food security for those living with HIV.
Also an huge effort to remove the stigma in the message "Know YOUR Status, Get TESTED"

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